Select Image

If downloading a single image, begin by selecting said image. Then tap the download icon in the top right corner to begin the download process.

Enter your email

You will be promoted to enter your email for privacy reasons. You will not receive any spam or unwanted mail. This is done to monitor website analytics.

Save to location

To save the images directly to your phone, select the top prompt. You will be redirected to another site where you will find your image. To save to other locations such as drop box and google photos selected the alternative prompts.

Finally saving.

To finally save the image, press & hold on the image until you are presented with this prompt. Then finally select add to photos. Your image will not be in your photos as a recent image. You will have to go to the date in which the image was taken.

Complete download.

You will now have your images in their respective resolution. For downloading images on a desktop follow the same steps minus the last one.